Floyd County Commissioners Vote “NO” to Mask Mandate

The Floyd County Board of Commissioners voted Tuesday to not require mask to be work in public areas.  However, they did “strong recommend” that citizens wear mask when you can’t social distance.

Commissioners voted 5-0.

According to Commissioner Scotty Hancock, “We have authorized funds to start a marketing campaign educating the public on the importance of washing hands, social distancing and wearing a mask. We are requiring masks in county facilities and we are requiring our employees to wear a mask when they can’t social distance. We are purchasing masks to provide to the public when possible.”

Hancock added,”Please know I am an advocate for wearing a mask to slow the spread of COVID-19, a mandate is not enforceable and gives the public a false sense of security. The unincorporated areas of Floyd County are a lot different than downtown Rome. I think our plan will be much more effective in rural Floyd County. This will be much more effective than simply saying we mandate mask wearing! Please continue to shop local and do not make local businesses suffer anymore!”