Vape Devices Should Become Harder for Teens to Get; New Bill Sponsored by Sen. Mullis

Vape devices should soon become harder for Georgia teens to get their hands on, thanks to a bill sponsored by State Senator Jeff Mullis (R-Chickamauga).

The Georgia Senate Friday voted to impose a tax of up to 7% on vaping products and raise the age to buy both the nicotine delivery devices and tobacco to 21 from 18.

Mullis says the new tax could bring in as much as $19 million.

“Vaping was created to keep people off of tobacco, but it has become its own industry,” Mullis said. “Good or bad, right or wrong, it has, and for those who smoke a lot, this has curbed that. For those kids starting up, we want to curb that even more.”

A separate tobacco tax increase did not make it through the General Assembly this session.