Problems With Voting Machine in Trion

Problems with a voting machine at Trion means the outcome of  local political races, held yesterday, won’t be known until later.  Officials hope the votes will be known sometime later today.

The County Commissioner’s race and the Probate Judge’s race appeared to be heading for a runoff.  Blake Elsberry and Jason Winters were predicted to be the top vote recipients, but that was before the problem with the Trion Precinct voting machine was found.  Also, Gary Woods and Teresa Pope appeared to be headed for a runoff, with Woods in the lead but failing to get 50% of the vote.

The Chattooga County Board of Education race between B.J. Montgomery and Chad Dodd could also be affected.  Last night Montgomery appeared to be the victor with 807 votes to Dodd’s 729 votes – but the additional votes in Trion might mean that race changes as well.

Election Supt. Jon Payne stated that the problem with the machine could not be fixed locally and that a representative from the software company would be in Summerville later this morning.  Judge Payne said the good news is that the new voting machines have paper ballots – which means the votes will be counted.

For now, no one is exactly sure how many votes are on the machine – it is somewhere between 300 and 600 votes, which could greatly change the outcome of both the commissioner’s race and the probate judge’s race in the Republican Primary.

In the Summerville municipal race, Dana Windle Mosley defeated Todd Kingsolver to win a seat on the Summerville City Council.