“Back the Blue” Rally to Be Held In Rome

A “Back the Blue” rally has been planned for Monday in downtown Rome.  The event is scheduled from 4 pm until 7 pm.

According to Tabitha Chapman, “we wanted to hold an event to support law enforcement, military and first responders”.

The event is dedicated to “remember the fallen, cherish the living and honor them (law enforcement and first responders) all.”

The rally will begin at City Hall and continue with a march towards the Law Enforcement Center and end at the “Call to Duty” memorial.

Chapman added, “We encourage everyone to come out and show your support with signs and such for the officers who, even in a time when they are targeted, attacked and criticized they still put on that uniform everyday. They are the unwanted, who are under paid, who will go unappreciated while doing the unthinkable for the ungrateful. We want to show them they are not alone in this fight! They have the love and support from a community who appreciates them as well as their families and the sacrifices made.”