2 BOE Members Want to Hike Property Taxes

The Chattooga County Board of Education is looking for ways to cut costs as they are facing massive shortfalls in state funding due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Chattooga County School Supt. Jared Hosmer told the Board of Education last week that the system has already made some tough decisions regarding faculty and staff.  There are several positions that were open that have now been eliminated by combining responsibilities and other measures. In fact, as of now, there are only two open positions system-wide.  Supt. Hosmer points out that this isn’t the first time the county school system has had to make these decisions, and they have successfully eliminated extra positions in the past.

Other measures being considered include, furloughs, dipping into the school system’s reserves and alternative schedules as ways to save money due to budget shortfalls in state revenue.

At the June meeting, the Board of Education resisted a call from board members Dr. Julia Houston and John Agnew to hike property taxes.