Rome Health & Rehab Patients and Staff Have Recovered from COVID 19

Rome Health & Rehabilitation has issued the following statement regarding patients and staff testing positive for COVID-19.

“Thanks in part to the hard work and dedication of the doctors, nurses and other frontline staff at Rome Health & Rehabilitation Center, we can report that 19 residents and 36 staff have recovered from COVID-19. We’d like to thank the community and our local and state officials for their support during this time, and to share our sympathy with the families who have lost loved ones to this terrible virus. While the pandemic that is impacting the vulnerable population we serve is far from over, it’s important during these tough times to celebrate these small victories and recognize our healthcare heroes

UPDATE : April 10 2020

Rome Heath and Rehabilitation on Redmond Circle confirmed that two of its residents has succumbed to COVID-19.

According to Rome Health and Rehab spokesperson Annaliese Impink, there are still currently 17 residents who have tested positive for COVID-19. Twelve of them are currently in isolation in the center. Three of them are receiving treatment in local hospitals.

That death on Wednesday brings the number of Floyd County residents who have died from the disease to four.

“We continue to follow CDC guidance related to infection prevention and control.  The staff continues to screen all staff for respiratory illness prior to the start of their shift.  They are also screening all outside essential healthcare providers prior to each visit to assure that they are not experiencing respiratory symptoms.  We thank the staff at Rome Health and Rehabilitation Center for all of their tireless efforts, ” said Annaliese Impink for Rome Health and Rehabilitation Center.

As of Friday at noon, five Floyd County residents have died from COVID-19.