Local Woman Arrested on Drug Charges

Earlier this month, Summerville Police arrested a forty-three-year-old Back Penn Road woman after they found her in a parked car with a large amount of prescription drugs and a large amount of cash.

Police say that they saw a 2009 Pontiac G6 parked outside Auto Zone with no tag.  When police approached the vehicle, the driver said that she was there because she needed something for her car.  She explained to police that she had just recently purchased the vehicle and that was why she had no tag.  Police told the woman that they had been notified that someone was driving in the area that appeared to be under the influence.

As police were talking with the woman, they noticed an pill bottle in her pocketbook.  Police got permission to search the vehicle and found numerous pills of different kinds in a pill bottle, along with a bank bag with several thousands of dollars of cash in small denominations. The woman explained the cash by saying she had just settled a civil case out of court.  The woman said she would go home and get the pill bottles that the prescriptions belonged in and bring them to police.  Police kept the pill bottle and let the woman go.

Later that same night, police found the same woman at CVS Pharmacy in Summerville. When police approached her she showed them various prescription pill bottles that were indeed prescribed to her, but not all of the prescription drugs were prescribed to her.  At that point, police placed her under arrest.

Later, at the Summerville Police Department, the woman admitted to police that she had been selling prescription drugs.  In all, there was $10,713.00 in the bank bag.  Also, police seized the woman’s cell phone after she admitted there were pictures that documented illegal drug activity on her phone.

Bobbie Leann McClellan was charged with drugs to be kept in original container and use of a communication facility in the commission of a crime.