Ghostface Gang Activities

Some people in small, rural communities like Chattooga County scoff at the idea of active gangs perpetrating crime in our area.   However, law enforcement says that not only is gang activity prevalent – it is also extremely dangerous.  The most active gang in North Georgia is the all-white Ghostface Gang.  Members of this gang are heavily involved in drug activity and have been involved in numerous violent crimes.

The Ghost Face Gangsters started inside Georgia’s prison system and spread into communities primarily in Georgia and the Southeast. Operation Vanilla Gorilla, the largest-ever bust of the Ghost Face Gangsters, resulted in indictments in November and December of 2018 and subsequent convictions in the Southern District of Georgia of 46 defendants affiliated with the gang.

Earlier this year, five gang members were arrested after a home invasion in Coweta County in which a fourteen-year-old girl was murdered.

Lookout Mountain Drug Task Force Commander Dewayne Brown says, “Ghostface Gangsters are not just a prison gang. They are in prisons, local, statewide and expanding into surrounding states. They have no regard for anything. The senseless killing of a 14 year old proves that. Drug Task Force Agents will continue to battle the darkness these gang members are and any other gang member in our community.

Commander Brown said that if you have any information on gang or drug activity, you can call 706-638-5570 or email

Remember you can stay anonymous.