Roper Working Environment is SAFE

Last week, the director of Northwest Georgia Public Health visited Roper in LaFayette.  Dr. Gary Voccio said that the Roper Range plant has a “safe environment to work in.”  The public health director made the visit after many have called for the plant to close during the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to reports, Dr. Voccio made the highly unusual visit to the plant after a “large number of calls from the public” concerning the health and safety of workers at Roper.  Some have called for the plant to close down during the pandemic.

A Roper official was quoted as saying, “The Roper team has worked very hard to implement new measures to ensure our employees’ health and safety.”

An official release from Roper recently said:

“Now more than ever, the more than 300 million people across the country sheltering at home are relying on their washers and dishwashers to sanitize their clothes, their ovens to cook meals and their refrigerators to keep their food and medicine safe,” said Lois Crandell, president, Roper Corporation. “GE Appliances and the Roper Corporation have an essential mission: helping families live in clean and sanitary environments at home. The team takes our essential mission to heart, not only as a manufacturer but also as a good community citizen.”