Progress in Coronovirus Fight

The latest models for the projected Coronavirus peak in Georgia is May 1st. It is a date that keeps moving but doctors say that is a good signal.

“People are doing the right thing, staying at home, washing their hands, wearing their masks out in public. This pushes that peak demand out further and further so that our healthcare systems can take care of people who do need it,” said Dr. Danny Branstetter, Medical Director of Infection Prevention with Wellstar.

Branstetter explains that if states reopen things too soon there could be a second wave of infections.

“We must look at other countries ahead of us and what we’ve learned is when they release those restrictions- Hong Kong, Singapore, who did a really good job of flattening that curve to begin with- when they released those, they did see a second bump,” said Branstetter.

He stresses preparation is key.

“We need to be able and well prepared to identify cases, to isolate those cases, and then to do contact tracing for those that were exposed. We’re not quite there yet, as a country or even a state,” said Branstetter.

Branstetter says his opinion is we should not think about reopening Georgia until after the peak and even then, it needs to be evaluated at that time.