Chattooga Ag Sale Information

Chattooga County’s Ag students will be conducting their plant sale while observing social-distancing rules.  Please find relevant information below:

From David Yarbrough

As many of you have heard and are aware the Governor has extended the state of emergency and shelter in place order. However since agriculture is an essential business we will be able to sell plants one week only. It is our greatest concern to not spread any germs with our community so we will be following community distancing and ask that you help us by abiding by the rules we lay out in our order forms. Each school is unique but social distancing is the same no matter which school you decide to order from. We are going to do our best to give you the time spot you choose but we may have to adjust if certain slots become crowded.

As you are ordering plants make sure to note which school you are ordering from and what the procedure is at that school (noted in their order form). Also note the day and time you select. We are only going to be open 2 days next week after that we will be unable to sell. It all must go,so if you want wholesale please contact us directly for orders over $500.

Chattooga High School
April 16th and April 17th

April 15th and 17th…/1FAIpQLScCgSb0T_9jKQRL2…/viewform…

Summerville M.S.
April 14th and 16th