5 Children Found Dead in Bartow County

The five individuals who were found dead in an apartment have been identified as all children ages 3 thought 11 years of age.

The cause of death remains under investigation. Announcements are posted for

  • Jonathan DeJesus Garcia Garcia, 3.
  • Gudalupe Morales Garcia, who would have turned 8 on April 1.
  • Wendi Morales Garcia, 12.
  • Nathally Garcia Garcia, 4.
  • Yakelin Morales Garcia, 11.

Five people, four females and one male, were found dead inside an apartment at Stone Haven Falls Apartments off East Felton Road in Bartow County.

The Bartow County Sheriff’s Office and GBI have launched an investigation.

The cause of death was not released Sunday and the bodies are being sent to the GBI Crime Lab for autopsies