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Huge crowds at a Northwest Georgia state park over the weekend prompted Governor Brian Kemp to issue an Executive Order.  The governor issued the order on Monday that specifically deals with Cloudland Canyon State Park in Dade County.

Under the guidelines outlined by the governor, the park will now be limited to no more than 150 day-use vehicles and camp sites can have no more than two vehicles at a time.  Also, park rangers will be limiting the number of people on trails at Cloudland Canyon.   The governor has ordered game wardens to help out park rangers to enforce the new rules.

There have been no specific orders from the governor regarding Sloppy Floyd State Park in Summerville.  Norboge said that there were a lot of people at the park on Saturday and Sunday and he and his staff were doing their best to encourage social-distancing.

While there are no limitations being put on Sloppy Floyd State Park at this time, Norboge said that he and his staff continue to work to encourage and enforce social-distancing at the park.