Schrader, Hampton, James to Run for Office as Republicans

Three former Democrats who had said that they might run as Independents all chose to run as Republicans in the upcoming Primary Elections.

Chattooga County Sheriff Mark Schrader, Tax Commissioner Joy Hampton and Clerk of Courts Kim James had said that they were considering running as Independents this year after they announced that they were leaving the Democratic Party last year.  Magistrate Judge Tracy Maddux, also a former Democrat, had already announced his intentions to run as a Republican.

Tax Commissioner Joy Hampton stated: “The local Democratic Party has been very good to me.  I have friends that are Democrats; I have friends that are Republicans.  You can’t tell them apart when you’re standing in line at the local grocery store.  I hope to see us all work together for the good of our county.  I just feel so honored, as a woman, to be on the ballot and if elected, I’ll continue to work for all our citizens fairly.”

Sheriff Mark Schrader said that the decision to run as a Republican was one that he prayed about and decided to do after a lot of consideration.  The sheriff also said that he has many friends and supporters that are Democrats and Republicans, but that really isn’t an issue when it comes to being a good sheriff.  The sheriff has stated several times that he wishes his office was non-partisan.

As of Wednesday evening, none of the former Democrats are facing any challenges from any Democrats or Republicans.