Rothrock Arrested for Theft

Last week, Chattooga County deputies were called to a residence on Fabric Shack Road off of Highway 114 to investigate a possible burglary.  The complainant told the responding deputies about several items that were missing from her home, including television, electronics and a game system.

The complainant told the responding deputies that her cousin, who is also her neighbor, had asked her earlier in the day if he could barrow some salt and dish washing detergent.  The complainant identified her cousin as William Rothrock.  Rothrock had recently moved in next door and still has a Missouri driver’s license.

Deputies took the woman’s statement and called in an investigator.

The following day, an informant told deputies where several of the items were that were stolen from the residence.  He also identified Rothrock as the one who had stolen the items.

Several of the items were recovered, but the informant told the deputies that Rothrock had sold one of the televisions for drug money.

Rothrock was arrested and booked into the Chattooga County Jail in connection with the incident.