Man Arrested After Being Found In Wooded Area Near a Home

Summerville Police arrested a fifty-seven-year-old homeless man last week after they found him in some bushes in a wooded area near a home on Oak Street.

According to the report from the police department, Raleigh Leon Styles was seen by neighbors laying on the ground in the woods.  When the officer spoke with the suspect he said that he had mud smeared on his face in an attempt to camouflage himself.  He told the officer he was laying on the ground because he was tired of walking.

Styles then told the officer that he was hiding from residents in the area who might mistake him for a “Peeping Tom”.  The officer asked if he could see Styles’ cell phone and found that the suspect had been viewing pornographic material on his cell phone.

The officer said that Styles exhibited signs of recent methamphetamine use.

After finding a glass drug pipe, Styles was arrested and booked into the Chattooga County Jail on drug related objects and possession of methamphetamine charges.