Green Arrested for Drug Possession

A Scoggins Street man was arrested on drug charges after a traffic stop last Friday evening.

A Summerville Police officer initiated a traffic stop on a Honda Accord that didn’t have a visible tag light.  According to the officer their were three adults and a juvenile in the car.  The passenger was identified as Terry Green.

The officer said that he noticed the driver and Green were both nervous.  When the officer asked the female driver if there was anything illegal inside the vehicle she “put her head down and didn’t say anything.”  The driver then told the officer that their was some “weed inside” the vehicle.

While the officer talked with Mr. Green, he continued to act nervous and shaking.  When the officer asked if Green had any drugs on his person, Mr. Green handed the officer a Disney-themed plastic bag with suspected marijuana inside.  More suspected marijuana was found inside a jar located in the vehicle.  The officer also observed a bandanna in Green’s hand.   When Green refused to give the bandanna over to the officer, the officer reportedly grabbed Green’s hand and found pills wrapped up inside the bandanna.

Green was arrested for drug possession, including suspected methamphetamine, and booked into the Chattooga County Jail.