First Case of Coronavirus Confirmed in Chattooga

As of noon Sunday, Chattooga County had its first official case of coronavirus, according the the Georgia Department of Public Health.  Local officials say that they hope that people will heed the warnings to practice “social distancing.”

Already, most organizations have heeded the warning to cancel public events that are likely to draw crowds.  But, there are still troubling signs that people might not be paying close attention to the warnings to stay away from other people.  Over the weekend the weather was nice and large crowds of teenagers and children were seen in local parks around the county.  Public health officials say that in order to stop the spread of coronavirus, people need to be heeding the warnings to stay at home.

Children are out of school and that means they will be wanting to go to other kids houses and play or hang out….not a good idea.  Parents are being urged to keep their children at home and not have them exposed to others during this coronavirus pandemic.

Chattooga County Commissioner Jason Winters is expected to release a Public Health Emergency sometime later today that will close all inside dining in the county.  Already, many local restaurants have gone to curb-side service.  Jim’s Restaurant announced on Friday that they were temporarily closing.

While social distancing might be an inconvenience, health officials say it is the best way we can stop the spread of coronavirus.