Rossville Police Seek Help To Return Stolen Property to Owners

Rossville Police need your help returning stolen property to its owners.

Hannah Faulkner and Donald Troutwine were arrested Friday after stealing a jeep from a Wendy’s on Rossville Boulevard.

Police found boxes full of other stolen property inside the car.

Rossville Police Department Detective Captain Dave Scroggins said the two have lengthy criminal histories and outstanding warrants in other counties and are behind bars now.

His main concern now is finding the owners of the stolen property since so much of it has high sentimental value.

The owner of a stolen jeep saw her car pull into a bank in Rossville Friday. She called the police.

“When officers from the front started to approach the vehicle, the driver put it in reverse, rapidly accelerated squealing her tires and crashed into the police vehicle,” Scroggins told us.

Officers arrested Hannah Faulkner and Donald Troutwine.

The jeep was given back to the owner, but it had stolen boxes inside that weren’t hers.

They were full of old photographs and memorabilia.

Scroggins said, “It makes me think somebody was keeping it. Somebody has some sentimental value to the items.”

Now, police want to find the owners.

“The Lou Brock autographed picture, I think whoever had that picture would probably know they had that picture,” Scroggins said.

Dozens of old postcards addressed to Mrs.Bill Lawson and Mrs. Nelma Lawson filled another box.

“Some of the postcards and letters are dated in the 1930s and 40s so I figured, if nothing else, some sentimental value to whoever had this stuff,” Scroggins said, “This one is dated March 23, 1945.”

In a photo album…

“Two newspaper articles. One about the wedding, one about a car crash involving Carolyn Lawson and Warren Wesley Gorman,” Scroggins told us.

Other items include a World War II-era military ammunition box, an accordion, several old books, and a couple of hundred old baseball cards.

“This is the oldest stuff I think I’ve ever gotten back. I’ve gotten bigger, by volume, but nothing this old,” Scroggins said.

If you recognize any of the names, give the Rossville Police Department a call at (706)-866-1228.