News on Summerville Water Issues

Summerville City Officials were busy Tuesday morning handing out free drinkable water to residents who are customers of the city’s water system after the EPA and the EPD notified the city on Monday that their public water system contained two chemicals that do not meet new Federal standards.

The City Manager says that for now, the city is looking at what kind of carbon filters will be available that can remove the chemicals from the water coming from Racoon Creek near Berryton.  This after a water test from Raccoon Creek showed a slightly higher amount of two man-made chemicals called Perfluoroctane Sulfonate (PFOS) and Perfluorooctanoic Acid (PFOA).

The city has engineers assessing the situation and looking for the available solutions as far as additional filters at the Summerville Water Treatment Plant on Filter Plant Road is concerned.  It is too early to tell when the issue will be resolved because that depends on the availability, delivery and installation of the proper filters to get the water to meet Federal Standards.

Ms. Galloway said that the EPD and the EPA began testing water systems across the State of Georgia last year and tested the water systems in the state first.  Now, the Feds are getting around to testing water quality in smaller systems such as Summerville’s.  Ms. Galloway said that she was unsure if any of the surrounding water systems have already been tested to meet the new standards.

The City Manager also said that the Low Springs water supply is not affected – that water meets Federal standards.