More Information on the Summerville Water Situation

While the City of Summerville scrambles to find a solution to the water issue that came about after the Federal government identified levels of two man-made chemicals in the city’s water system that are too high to meet current Federal standards, the idea of buying water from a neighboring water system is being explored.

City Councilman Joe Money says that he and Jason Green, the superintendent at the City of Summerville’s water plant on Filter Plant Road, were meeting with officials from the Rome City Water District.  Money also stated that the city has tossed around the idea of purchasing water from the county’s water system.  Unlike other surrounding water systems, the county’s water supply comes from wells and not live streams such as Raccoon Creek.

For now, Hays State Prison will be feeding off the Town of Trion’s water system, according to Councilman Money.

The city is looking into purchasing carbon filters that can reduce or remove the chemicals to meet Federal standards and the city continues to pass out free drinking water at Summerville City Hall.