Last Day to Register to Vote in Upcoming Elections

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If you are not registered to vote and want to vote in the upcoming Presidential Preference Primary in March, today is the day you need to get registered!

Since Georgia holds an open primary, you do not need to be affiliated with a certain party to cast a vote, but you will need to choose either a Democratic or Republican ballot when you go to vote.

To register to vote or check your voting status, visit

Georgia voters must be U.S. citizens, a legal resident of a county in Georgia, at least 17½ years old (18 to actually cast a ballot), not be serving a sentence for conviction of a felony involving moral turpitude and must not have been found mentally incompetent by a judge.

Georgia will use new voting machines statewide for this primary. In August, a federal judge ordered the state to retire its outdated, paperless system before any votes were cast in 2020.