Forgery Incident Reported

A Summerville woman told police last week that someone had forged an old personal check that was drawn on her account at Southeast Federal Credit Union before the institution changed its name to Peach State Credit Union.

The woman said that the old checks had been taken by someone out of a car that she had wrecked that is now located in Tennessee.  The complainant said that she had wrecked the vehicle just outside of Knoxville and had not retrieved her personal affects from the wrecked automobile.  The woman also told police that her daughter’s birth certificate had been in the vehicle.

The complainant showed the responding officer a copy of the forged check in question.  The check was written payable to “Jimal Linder” in the amount of $760.  It had been deposited in the Republic Bank in Chicago.  The complainant said that the check had been stopped by Peach State Credit Union, so it did not adversely affect her financially.

The officer made a report of the incident and advised the complainant on what she should do to protect her – and her daughter’s identity.