Fight Over Food – Police Respond

Summerville Police responded to a call over the weekend after two men got into an argument over food that turned into a fight.

Police spoke with Blake Daniel who said that his roommate, John Smith had hit him in the head with a pair of pliers after the two got into an argument while Daniel was making a sandwich.  The two men were staying together in Smith’s residence at Peppermint Place in Summerville.  Daniel said that while he was making a sandwich, Smith came into the kitchen and got mad about the lack of food in the house and was upset with Daniel for making a sandwich.  Daniel said that at that point Smith got a pair of pliers and beat him in the head.

When police spoke with Smith at the residence, he said that he had used an expletive in telling Daniel to get out of his house and did admit to the two men fighting.  While at the residence, police noticed a glass pipe with suspected methamphetamine residue.  The officers took the pipe into be tested for drugs and it subsequently tested positive for meth.

No one was arrested in connection with the fight, but police determined that the pipe belonged to Smith and said that they would be taking out warrants for his arrest.

Daniel went to stay with his grandmother in Trion.