Bill Proposed to Allow Churches Greater Flexibility on Firearm Policy

This week Senator Bill Heath (R-Bremen) filed legislation that would allow churches greater flexibility in determining policies regarding the possession of firearms in their facilities. The following statement is from Sen. Heath:

“Current law allows places of worship to permit those who hold a Georgia Weapons Carry Licenses to carry in their places of worship. There is confusion about whether the existing law allows a place of worship to allow some, but not all, license holders.

In light of multiple recent attacks on the attendees in places of worship, I have proposed Senate Bill 357 which would allow the governing bodies of places of worship the option to adopt policies, including perhaps training, that would allow individuals or groups of individuals who have the appropriate licenses to carry weapons in their places of worship. This measure would allow churches another option to provide for the security of their congregation.

The bill also addresses confusion in the law relative to security for any school the place of worship may have on its premises.”