Update: Investigators Do Not Believe 8 Year Old Died From Foul Play

Walker County Sheriff Steve Wilson held a press conference on Friday about the investigation into the death of an elementary school-age boy that was found dead near his family’s home in Chickamauga in October of last year.

Investigators say the autopsy ruled that Bentley Robbins hit his head on a rock, a few days before he eventually died. They do not believe his death was caused by foul play.  Investigators say Bentley had some injuries to his face before his death and he told people at school and at home that he had fallen at home. The GBI says they believe Bentley died from a previous fall which they believe caused a brain bleed. They do not believe anyone caused harm to the child.

Sheriff Wilson says Bentley’s mother took him to the emergency room the day before his death, but for reasons that are “unclear,” possibly because the long wait at the ER, she did not stay.

Investigators say Bentley’s mother and boyfriend left the home with another child to go to a sporting event. Bentley was left with the boyfriend’s mother and some additional children. She gathered those children and went to the grocery store, not realizing Bentley wasn’t with them.

Sheriff Wilson says a delay at the crime lab caused the findings to take so long.

The GBI says at this point, the local district attorney does not plan to file any charges in the case.