Qualifying Fees for Local Candidates Set

Chattooga County Commissioner Jason Winters has set qualifying fees for local candidates, as required by Georgia law.  For partisan offices, the qualifying fees are paid to the political party.  The party then keeps half and gives half to the county election superintendent. There is some question as to who would get the qualifying fees if the candidate runs as an independent.  Several former Democrats in the county have stated that they might run as independents.

WZQZ News spoke with County Election Superintendent Jon Payne about that issue and he said that independent candidates would qualify with Probate Court and the entire fee would go to the county.

Qualifying fees for county offices are as follows:

  • Commissioner – $3,444
  • Sheriff – $1,780
  • Clerk of Courts – $1,492
  • Probate Judge – $1,492
  • Tax Commissioner – $1,492
  • Magistrate Judge – $1,492
  • Solicitor – $1,261
  • Coroner – $483
  • School Board – $47
  • Magistrate Judge Tracy Maddux, who has served five terms as a Democrat, says that he will be running as a Republican.