Man Dies on Transit Bus

An eighty-three-year-old man died on a Chattooga County transit bus last week.  Chattooga County is still looking into the circumstances surrounding the death.

Funeral services are scheduled for today for Mr. Joe Henry Burse, a Mount Vernon Mills retiree.  Burse was reportedly in a wheelchair on a Chattooga County Transit Bus when he passed away on Thursday of last week.

Commissioner Winters said that Mr. Burse was coming back from a doctor’s appointment in Rome when the driver of the bus noticed something off.  When she stopped to check on Mr. Burse, he was unresponsive.  The transit driver called for emergency medical personnel to come to the scene. Burse was transported to a Rome hospital, where he passed away on Saturday of last week.

According to Commissioner Winters “We had a medical incident with a rider.  911 was called by the transit driver.  Unfortunately, the rider – Mr. Burse – passed away on Saturday.”  Winters said that he is waiting on reports from Redmond EMS and an internal investigation into the incident before he releases any further information.

The commissioner said that the driver of the transit bus did the right thing and called 911.  The driver has many years experience with the Chattooga County Transit system and the commissioner said that while he is still waiting on reports before he says anymore about the incident, he does feel that the driver followed protocol and handled the situation as she should.