Incident at CHS Basketball Game – Police Called

Summerville Police responded to an incident at Chattooga High School on Tuesday evening of this week involving a student who was being unruly, but an Adairsville man ended up going to jail after “involving himself” in the situation, according to police.

Officers responded to the high school during a basketball game and when they arrived they found the fifteen-year-old juvenile being unruly and disruptive.  Summerville Police officers, along with the school resource officer and a Chattooga County deputy were able to get the situation under control.  A Summerville Police officer said, “I grabbed the juvenile by his shirt and told him to just calm down and stop – and he complied.”

It was at that point that twenty-three-year-old Zachery Michael Daum got out of his parked pickup truck and became “involved” in the situation.  Officers say that Daum was “disrespectful and uncooperative.  Officers say that Daum intentionally “turned his music up” in a apparent attempt to disregard what the officers were saying.  Daum refused to give officers his identification and refused to exit his vehicle when first directed to do so by officers.

According to the report from the police department, “After several commands to exit the vehicle, Mr. Daum eventually exited the vehicle.  Mr. Daum was being very disrespectful and was breaching and disturbing the peace with his actions.

Baum was arrested for disorderly conduct and taken the Chattooga County Jail.  The juvenile was given a ride home by police.