Gun Rights Rally Scheduled for Saturday in Rome

While the eyes of the nation were focused Monday on a gun-rights rally in Richmond, Virginia, organizers of a similar rally scheduled for Saturday in Rome were busy trying to firm up a list of speakers for the local event.

The rally will be held at the American Legion Farm, 493 Jones Bend Road NE, at 1 p.m.

“We’re only one election away from being ruled by people who have the power to pass laws and don’t care about the Constitution,” organizer Chris Ashley said. “I feel like all patriotic Americans should be willing to stand up and be preemptive about it instead of being reactive about it.”

Ashley is hoping that Floyd County can be designated as a “sanctuary county” in the event any kind of gun control legislation is passed.

He said all three of the announced Floyd County Sheriff candidates — Republicans Tom Caldwell, Dave Roberson and Ronnie Kilgo — are slated to speak, although that is unconfirmed. At least one of the candidates, Roberson, said he would attend but not as a speaker.

Other speakers listed on the flyer are U.S. Congressional candidates Dr. John Cowan and Marjorie Green and the president of Georgia Gun Owners, Inc., Patrick Parsons.

Ashley said members of the local legislative delegation as well as city and county elected leaders also have been invited to speak at the rally.

The Associated Press reported that thousands of gun-rights activists from around the country rallied peacefully at the Virginia Capitol on Monday, protesting plans by the state’s Democratic leadership to pass gun-control measures that have become a key flash point in the national debate over gun violence.

the rally concluded uneventfully around noon, and the mood was largely festive, with rally-goers chanting “USA!” and waving signs denouncing Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam.