Passed Out Driver Arrested on Sunday

Chattooga County Deputies responded to a call early Sunday morning about a vehicle parked in the west bound lane of Highway 48 near the Menlo Barn Dance.  When they arrived on the scene around 4:40 AM,  they found the driver passed out behind the wheel with the keys in the ignition of the car.

Deputies say that when they approached the vehicle they saw an almost-empty bottle of Evan Williams bourbon in the front passenger seat.

The driver was identified as twenty-six-year-old Graham Turkett.  Deputies reported that Turkett was “confused as to where he was and what was going on.”  Deputies got Mr. Turkett out of the vehicle and reported that he was unsteady on his feet and smelled of alcohol.

Officers found a green leafy substance, suspected to be marijuana in Turkett’s pants pocket.   After testing positive for alcohol, Turkett was transported to the Chattooga County Jail.  He was charged with DUI for alcohol, improper stopping on a roadway and open container of alcohol.