Woman Banned from Oak View Nursing Home

Summerville Police gave out repeated warnings to a woman who has been banned from Oak View Nursing Home in Summerville.  The incidents happened last week when police were called to the nursing home after employees said that woman was harassing them.

When the responding officer arrived, the woman – identified as Nancy Evelyn Majors –  told police that she had never been “lawfully told” that she could not be there.  The responding officer told Ms. Majors that the nursing home administrators have told her in the past not to be at the nursing home, and the officer was telling her at that point to stay away.

A short time later, Chattooga 911 called Summerville Police and said that they were getting hang-up calls and had identified the phone as belonging to Majors. When 911 pinged the number, they found that the calls were coming from Oak View Nursing Home.

When officers responded, they found Majors pulling out of the Marvin’s parking lot and conducted a traffic stop.  Officers told Majors that they were giving her the last warning and the next time she was caught at the nursing home she would be arrested.