Warrant Issued for Local Man

Deputies were called to a Buck Gardner Road residence recently in reference to a son pulling a knife on his father.

When deputies arrived on the scene at the home of John Adams, his son – Jimmy Adams – had already left the residence.  Mr. Adams told officers that he had seen his son outside the residence and believe that his son was smoking marijuana.  Mr. Adams told his son that he didn’t want him smoking pot at the residence.  The father left for a period of time and when he returned he saw his son again smoking marijuana and told him a second time that he wouldn’t allow that at his house.

At that point, Mr. Adams said that Jimmy Adams began cursing him and went to his room and retrieved a large knife.  Jimmy Adams reportedly told his father that he was “going to kill him”.  At that point, Mr. Adams retrieved a pistol and and told his son to leave the house.  The son dropped the knife and left the residence.

A warrant was issued for Jimmy Adams in connection with the incident, according to reports from the sheriff’s office.