Unanswered Questions About Shooting Incident

Sheriff Mark Schrader says that there are still a lot of unanswered questions about a shooting incident on the side of Lookout Mountain last Thursday afternoon.

The sheriff said that a woman called Chattooga 911 to report seeing a man shooting at another man while she was traveling west-bound on Highway 48, up the mountain.  The woman stopped at a store near the Alabama state line and placed the call, but the sheriff said that they have no idea who the woman was.  After calling 911, and before deputies arrived, the woman went on her way.

Officers found the man who was being shot at after he walked back onto Highway 48.  He was taken to the sheriff’s department and questioned by investigators.  The sheriff says that the man is from Rome, but was visiting a woman at Cloudland.  He reportedly was walking back towards Summerville when the shooting incident took place.   The sheriff said that the man who was shot at maintains that he doesn’t know who was shooting at him.

Sheriff Schrader recovered three shell casings on the side of Highway 48 and took them into evidence. There are no firm leads on finding the person who fired the gun at this time.