Shooting Incident at Cloudland

The Chattooga County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a shooting incident at Cloudland that happened on Thursday evening.

According to Sheriff Mark Schrader, a passerby coming up the mountain on Highway 48 witnessed someone shooting at a man who was walking down the mountain.  The passerby drove to the store near the Alabama state line and called Chattooga 911 to report the incident.

The sheriff said that he, along with deputies went to the scene and found the man who had been walking down the mountain. The pedestrian said that the shooter fired three shots at him – none of which hit him.  The pedestrian told the sheriff that he ran off the road and down the side of the mountain when the person shot at him.  Later, the pedestrian came back up to Highway 48 and another passerby stopped to check on him.  The pedestrian said at that point, the shooter drove back by, but didn’t fire his gun again because of the passerby that had stopped to help the pedestrian.

Sheriff Mark Schrader did recover three shell casings at the last pull-off on the right hand side of Highway 48 going up the mountain.   Sheriff Schrader said that they have a “good idea” of who the shooter is and that he has been in jail recently in Chattooga County.