Huntsville Men Involved in Road Rage Incident in Summerville

Two Hunstville, Alabama men were involved in a road-rage incident in Summerville over the weekend, according to reports from the Summerville Police Department.

Everyone knows that a lot of “cut-through” traffic comes across Chattooga County.  Many navigation systems identify Highway 48 as the shortest route from areas like Huntsville, Alabama to get to I-75 and Atlanta.  Two men from Huntsville, that evidently do not know each other, got into an altercation at the intersection of the Lyerly Highway – Highway 114 – and Highway 27 on Friday night.

Blake Dayton told police that a man in a Toyota car pulled up beside him at the intersection and then got out of his car and started walking toward’s Dayton’s vehicle.  Dayton told police he pulled around the man to avoid a confrontation and when he did the man hit Dayton’s Tesla car and broke the windshield.

Mr. Dayton was able to get a tag number and had video footage of the incident on his on-board camera.  The tag number on the Toyota turned out to be another driver from Hunstville. A lookout was placed on the vehicle, but it was not located.

Summerville Police are investigating the incident.