Summerville Woman Uses False Identity

A warrant has been issued by Summerville Police for a local woman who is accused of representing herself as her cousin when she was cited by local law enforcement.

Police say that Terchavia Tarver of Jonesboro, Georgia contacted Summerville Police after she received documents from Summerville Municipal Court about a misdemeanor drug arrest and traffic citations.  Ms. Tarver told police that she wasn’t arrested, it was instead her cousin.

Summerville Police looked at body cam footage of the arrest and determined that it was Ms. Tarver’s cousin, Randriques Scott who was actually arrested.  Scott gave her cousin’s name to police when she was arrested.

Ms. Tarver told police that it wasn’t the first time that her cousin has used her identity when she got stopped by police.  The same thing happened in Clayton County in June.

Police have dismissed the charges against Ms. Tarver and now have a warrant out for Scott’s arrest.