Summerville Woman Arrested in Walker County

A Summerville woman, who has been arrested several times in recent months, found herself in trouble with the law in neighboring Walker County earlier this week.

LaFayette Police say that Cherie Elizabeth Castro, age thirty-three, was arrested for trespassing after she was found “partially-nude” on South Chattanooga Street on Wednesday afternoon of this week.  Police found that Castro had a warrant out for shoplifting charges in Chattooga County.  Castro told police that someone had dropped her off at the address in LaFayette to “pick up some items” that belonged to someone else who had been evicted.

Castro has been arrested several times, and has been banned from Ingle’s Supermarket in Summerville for shoplifting this year.

Castro was housed in the Walker County Jail and law enforcement their indicated that Chattooga County would be extraditing Castro to face charges here.