Investigation Continues

Sheriff Mark Schrader said on Monday that his department is continuing to follow up on leads about the events before and after the murders on Highway 100 in which thirty-five-year-old Joe Edward Brown and his mother, sixty-one-year-old Linda Mae Everett were both shot and killed.  A third victim, Daryl Lee Marsh continues to recover in an area hospital after being shot in the mouth.

Schrader said that Marsh is showing some signs of improvement and he hopes that sheriff’s department investigators will be able to speak with Mr. Marsh in the near future.

In the mean time, the sheriff said that he is not releasing any information as to a motive for the murders.  Investigators are still waiting on the report from the Medical Examiner’s Office and continue to gather data from several sources.

Mauldin has not said much to law enforcement since his arrest.  Sheriff Schrader said that the public defenders office has been brought in to represent Mauldin.