Drug Bust in Summerville Earlier This Month

Summerville Police assisted agents with the Lookout Mountain Judicial Circuit Drug Task Force during a drug bust earlier this month on Stevens Street, according to a report released by the police department.

The report says that police, along with Drug Task Force agents acted on a tip about a person that was believed to be storing a large quantity of drugs for a gang out of California.  Agents went to the residence of David Covington, where they believed Jahari “Jack” McCutchins was located.  When officers arrived an knocked on the door they could hear a commotion inside the residence but no one answered.

The law enforcement agents knocked a second time and continued to hear movement inside the residence and again no one answered.  At that point, agents entered the house, believing the suspects were attempting to destroy or hide evidence.  Officers detained Covington and McCutchins after finding marijuana “in plain view” inside the residence.  The officers then applied for a search warrant.

When they entered the residence, police say that they found marijuana “floating in the toilet” and baggies of suspected drugs in the bath tub.  Officers say the toilet would not flush, so they pulled the toilet from the floor and found that it was clogged with a “large amount of suspected crack cocaine.”  Officers also found digital scales, baggies and other drug paraphernalia inside the residence.  In a vehicle located at the house they found a “large amount of cash.”

Covington and McCutchins were both charged with multiple drug charges and were booked into the Chattooga County Jail.