Checks Stolen from Marks Auto Sales

A used car dealer in Summerville says that someone stole business checks from his car lot and tried cashing one of the checks in Tennessee last week.

Summerville Police say that Paul Marks of Marks Auto Sales told them that the checks were stolen from an office manager’s desk at the car lot located on Commerce Street in Summerville.  The car dealership was not aware of the stolen checks until they were contacted by a bank in Tennessee.

Regions Bank in East Ridge called Marks after a person identifying himself as “William Hill” of West Virginia, attempted to cash a $3,980 check.  The person trying to cash the check told the bank in Tennessee that Marks had made the check out to him.

Paul Marks told Regions Bank in East Ridge that he didn’t make out the check and asked to see a copy of the check.  Mr. Marks told police that it was not his signature on the check.  The bank in Tennessee refused to cash the check for the individual.

The case has been turned over to an investigator.