Georgia State Patrol Target of Ransomware Atttack

The Georgia State Patrol (GSP) says that they have been the target of a ransomware attack that has made it necessary to shutdown its servers and network.

The reported ransomware attack happened on July 26th.  The GSP has confirmed to news outlets that the incidence could slightly impact response times; however, members of the force still have other channels of communication such as radio dispatch to perform their duties and coordinate responses to accidents and other events.

GSP is a division of Georgia’s Department of Public Safety, where an employee first reported the attack after receiving an odd notification on his or her computer. According to Sgt. Stephanie Stallings with the GSP, an employee saw an odd notification and notified the Georgia Technology Authority.

The Georgia State Patrol also says that accident reports and other stored information prior to July 26th may be gone.

Georgia’s governmental institutions have been repeatedly targeted by ransomware attacks since 2018.

GNN / Compiled Sources