We still have several weeks of hot, summer-time weather ahead of us and the Better Business Bureau says that the hot weather is just another way scammers are taking advantage of Georgia consumers.

The BBB says that there are a lot of air conditioning service scams out there during the summer months.  The scam usually works like this: a consumer’s air conditioning unit goes out or isn’t working properly.  The consumer Google’s “air conditioning repair” and dials a number for a service center.  The person on the other end of the phone takes the person’s information and promises faster repairs of their unit if they pre-pay with a debit card.

The problem is, the scammers are finding ways to make their phony repair companies show up in the Google searches, but are scamming customers out of thousands of dollars.  After the unsuspecting consumer pays the upfront fee, they never see a repairman.

The BBB says always call local, trusted air conditioning repair companies and if you have a warrant issue with your air conditioning unit, be sure to call the authorized number that came with your original paperwork.

Als, the BBB says, make payments with your credit card. Any payment you make with your credit card can be disputed. Paying by wire transfer or prepaid debit card is like using cash. There is almost nothing you can do to get the money back.