Warning from Georgia Secretary of State

If you’ve never heard of the “iconic” Thomas Louis Hotel in downtown Atlanta, you’re not alone. That’s because it doesn’t exist.  Neither does the Atlanta Civil and Global Human Rights 2019 World Conference or the ACGHR organization, which is encouraging conference-goers to book with this fictitious hotel. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger has put out a warning about the potential scam, warning consumers against giving away personal or payment information.

According to the organization’s website, the August conference has free registration if attendees book with the “recommended accommodations” provided by the organization. The Secretary of State’s office found payment for hotel reservations are required before people can become attendees of the event, the news release said.

The office issued an emergency cease and desist letter to the group, the release said.  The release warns that the group could be attempting to commit identity fraud because people are asked to share credit card information and scan copies of their passports when they call or email.

Raffensperger offered tips to avoid scams of this type, including researching charities before contributing, not giving away personal information via phone or email, and not opening attachments from unsolicited emails asking for contributions.