Pre-Payment Now Possible Toward Tax Bills

Chattooga County Citizens can now begin making payments to be held in escrow and applied toward their tax bill for 2019 property taxes, that according to Chattooga County Tax Commissioner Joy Hampton.
The tax commissioner says that this is completely OPTIONAL for our citizens- up to 75% of the amount of the 2018 tax bill can be paid toward the 2019 tax bill, and receipts for the amounts prepaid will be issued by her office.
Hampton said, “I am very excited to be able to offer this much requested service to my citizens.  Again-the prepayment plan is optional, and not mandatory.  Many citizens have told me that the ability to make prepayments toward their tax bills will make it easier for them to get their bills paid in full by the December 1st due date. “
Tax Commissioner Hampton added, “I would again like to thank Senator Jeff Mullis for sponsoring Senate Bill 216, which made this option possible for our citizens, and also Representative Eddie Lumsden for helping to see the bill through.”