103 Years of Age and Making History

A woman who is 103 years young just made history, winning the gold medal in a track race.

It took place in Albuquerque, New Mexico where folks in their golden years faced off in a senior games competition.

Julia ‘Hurricane” Hawkins just won the gold in both the 50-meter dash and the 100-meter dash in the women’s 100-plus division.

The Louisiana native began running at the age of 100 after she had to give up biking.

She set a record two years ago in the 100-meter for her age group.

She earned the nickname “hurricane” and is the oldest woman to compete on an American track according to the National Senior Games Association.

“I hope I can inspire them to be healthy and to realize that you can still be doing it at this kind of age,” Hawkins said. “Every day when you’re 103 is a miracle.”

Hawkins told reporters she gets most of her exercise working in her garden and advises folks to just keep busy and moving to stay young