Pamphlets to Explain New Tethering Ordinance Being Prepared by City of Summerville

The Summerville City Council recently adopted amendments to the animal control ordinance for city residents.  Those new rule say that animals can only be tethered on approved tethering systems and also go further in providing penalties for neglect of animals.

The changes that were adopted include banning tethering of domestic animals to a stationary object.  Animals can be on a runner or “trolley system” under the new ordinance, although there are limitations and restrictions. The new provision is intended to prevent domestic animals from being left alone and tied and/or chained in a yard. It is also to protect the safety and improve the welfare of the animal.

Pamphlets are being made that will explain some of the key provisions of the new ordinance and hopefully answer any questions about the changes.  The pamphlets will be available at Summerville City Hall and other locations around the area once completed.