New Georgia Law To Go In Effect July 1

Georgia is about to become one of only seven states in the nation that makes the threat of sending pictures of a sexual nature a crime.  A new law banning sexual extortion goes into effect on July 1st.

The bill was signed into law by Governor Brian Kemp and will make it illegal to threaten someone with compromising pictures or videos of a sexual nature.  The new law makes a threat of that nature illegal, whereas in the past only the distribution of such images was illegal.

Author State Senator Harold Jones of Augusta says the measure addresses situations where someone threatens to distribute pictures or videos of a sexual nature unless the other party cooperates somehow-responding to coercion. Jones says that was a gap in the law. “Revenge porn” is already illegal in Georgia but it covers situations only where pics or video are actually distributed. The new law makes the first offense a misdemeanor and the second violation a felony.

Another facet of the bill that was tacked on expands the banning of sex between teachers and high school students to all school employees, their agents and others involved in the care and supervision of young people.