New Legal Age for Marriage in Georgia

The legal age for marriage in Georgia is being raised from sixteen to seventeen, after Governor Brian Kemp signed a bill raising the minimum age earlier this week.

HB 228 was signed into law by Governor Brian Kemp on May 6th.  In addition to banning the marriage of anyone under the age of seventeen, the new law mandates that seventeen-year-olds must be emancipated (legally freed of the authority of their parents or guardians) and must have completed a premarital education course and also, cannot marry anyone more than four years older than themselves.

The bill defines premarital education saying that it, “shall include at least six hours of instruction involving marital issues, which may include but not be limited to conflict management, communication skills, financial responsibilities, child and parenting responsibilities, and extended family roles.”

The new law does not affect those who marry at 17 or under in other states or countries.