Meeting Held Thursday, May 16 by Board of Assessors

The Chattooga County Board of Assessors held a public meeting on Thursday evening at the Chattooga County Civic Center in Summerville to discuss property assessments with Chattooga County taxpayers.

Chairman of the Board of Assessors Doug Wilson told those in attendance that, in many cases, property is selling for a higher price than it is currently assessed.  That’s a problem because the Georgia Department of Revenue requires the sales ratio to be between .36 and .44 and currently, Chattooga County’s sales ratio is 33.1.  The sales ratio is the assessed value of the property divided by the actual sale price.

Wilson gave an example of a property that recently sold for $129,000.  The property had a fair market value of $54,604 and an assessed value of $21,842, giving it a sales ratio of .17.  The Board of Assessors says that sales like this are happening all over the county which is causing the sales ratio to fall below the acceptable standard imposed by Georgia law.

The Board of Assessors does not set or collect taxes.  The millage rate is set by the county’s sole commissioner and the Board of Education.  Taxes are collected by the Tax Commissioner.  However, the Board of Assessors is tasked with the responsibility of determining the fair market value of a property.  Mr. Wilson said that the board has been working to get the county’s tax digest in line with Department of Revenue regulations, which could mean that property owners will see an increase in property values in 2019.

Property owners will be getting notices of assessments in the mail in a few weeks.  Mr. Wilson said that any property owners that have questions are encouraged to contact the Board of Assessors.  The board meets every Wednesday at 9 AM, and property owners can appeal assessments if they feel that they are incorrect.

The Board of Assessor consists of Mr. Wilson, Dick Richter, Betty Brady and Randy Pauley.